🧭 Anatomy of Navbar

Navbar is the place where you can find all the options to manage your flow.

How to use Navbar

Anatomy of Navbar
  • Logs let you view the past runs of your flow and let you visualize the data passed to each port for every node. This is useful for debugging (especially when running a flow as an API or webhook)
  • Play let's you run a flow in the dashboard and see the data flowing through the flow in realtime.
  • Publish let's you deploy a flow as an API to be run as resuable logic from anywhere.
  • Depending on what nodes are used in your flow, credits are calculate dynamically:
    • Play Cost:
      • Credits spent when you run the flow in the dashboard
    • Publish Cost:
      • Credits spent when you run the flow as an API
  • Upgrade let's users subscribe to Craftar and get credits every month.