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Connect blocks to automate critical workflows in minutes.

Craftar Visual Automation Workflow

What do we Offer?

Easy to use interface, scalable infrastructure and affordable pricing to build better workflows quickly.

Visual Programming Language Icon

Visual Programming Language

Draw logic on a smooth drag drop canvas, without writing a line of code. Simplicity of NoCode without sacrificing the Power of Code.

Affordable Pricing Icon

Affordable Pricing

We offer Rolling Credits. Pay only for what you use. Your credits never expire. We love Efficiency and hate Waste.

Deploy & Scale with 1 click Icon

Deploy & Scale with 1 click

Focus on crafting your business logic. We take care of deployment. One button click does the work of a full DevOps team.

Modular Automations Icon

Modular Automations

Every automation is also an API. Create APIs and use them inside other automations. We let you build lego blocks on top of the lego blocks we provide.

Ready to use Automations Icon

Ready to use Automations

Pre built automation library of use cases that's always growing. Customize everything and even share your own Templates. Fastest way to get value from Craftar.

Always Growing Library of Blocks Icon

Always Growing Library of Blocks

AI, API Integrations, Scrapers, DB Connectors, Transformations, Document Processing, endless possibilites. Whenever you're stuck, remember there's a block for it.

Use Cases

What can you Craft?

Craftar is a visual programming language that lets you automate workflows.

Stuck due to limitations in other NoCode tools?

Using Craftar's Visual Programming Language and blocks built for each NoCode tool, you can blow past the limitations, build better apps and more powerful business logic.

Streamline your Sales and Marketing Workflows.

From Lead capturing, drip campaigns, follow ups and segmentation to automatically generating sms, newsletters, programmatic web pages, presentations, social media images and pdf files, we've got you covered.

Build Micro apps for communities.

From bots to scheduled content to automated communication. Use Craftar blocks for Circle, Slack and Discord to automate your community operations and increase engagement and retention.

Automatically Aggregate multiple data sources.

Using blocks for Scraping, Intelligent search and filtering combined with blocks for common Info Product platforms like Notion, Coda and Airtable, generate content faster, consistenly and of higher quality to fill the top of your funnel.

Imagine new use cases with AI enabled Automations.

We support all major AI providers, and have blocks for you to add AI capabilities to your workflows and solve previously hard to solve problems. We also have tons of pre built prompts for interesting new use cases.

Extract Insights from the market.

Using our Chrome Extension, Scraping Blocks and Data Transformation capabilities, stay on top of the market and generate automated reports in pdf, newsletters or ppt formats. Use pre built templates on your own data to get instant value.
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What our customers are saying.

See how Craftar is helping businesses and individuals automate their workflows and save time and money.

Unspent Credits don't expire and carry over at the end of the month. This is a generous, customer-friendly design. Great idea.
Dru Riley

Dru Riley


An eye-watering 1000 blocks are available, making Craftar more like a NoCode Programming Language. Endless Possibilities.
Marc Fletcher

Marc Fletcher

Automation Expert

Craftar automated our manual workflows so we could test and iterate quickly. Removed tons of friction and improved member experience.
Jaimeen Dalia

Jaimeen Dalia

Founder FranTable

Craftar helped me automate data processing for Xolution. Craftar is simple and easy to use. It's a great tool for non-technical founders like me.
Gokul Madan

Gokul Madan

Founder Xolution

Craftar is the best option for creating optimized workflows, no matter the tech stack. Its visual canvas allows you to connect a variety of inputs and see them through different processing modules to generate the desired outputs. If you're not sure how to start, it also has a vast gallery of workflow templates that are ready to use, you only need to link up your data.
Pablo Jimeneze

Pablo Jimeneze

Bubble Developer

Incredible work with how you've continuously built Craftar, adding new features, and especially adding so much value based on 1:1 feedback with users - something so underrated is how Craftar can be applied to so many unique use cases yet be flexible for anyone's workflow.


Indie Hacker and Product Builder

Streamline your workflows. Craft powerful automations.