Affordable Pricing

Pay only for what you use. Credits don't expire until used.


For anyone getting started



  • 1,000 Credits
  • Unlimited Automations
  • Publish Automation as API
  • 1000+ Logic Blocks and Integrations
  • Visual Programming Language
  • Scheduler
  • Automation Analytics and Debugging Logs
  • 2 minutes Maximum Execution Time
  • Access to Discord Community


For bootstrappers, consultants, startups



  • 10,000 Credits
  • Everything in Learn, Plus
  • Priority Support via Email

Scale Up

For fast growing startups and agencies



  • 40,000 Credits
  • Everything in Learn, Plus
  • Priority Support via Email

Frequently asked questions

Blocks are fundamental logic units that take inputs and produce outputs. Blocks, like "Parse text to Json," "Create Airtable record," or "Generate AI image," can be linked together to form flows. With over 1000 existing blocks and weekly additions of new ones, Craftar offers diverse possibilities for creating seamless workflows.
Blocks are chained together to create a logical Flow. Flows can then be published as an API or scheduled as an Automation. Flows can also be used inside other Flows.
Credit is the base unit of pricing in Craftar. Each block is assigned a specific credit amount. When you execute a block, the associated credits are subtracted from your total account credits.
Credits in your account do not expire at the end of the month or year. Once you buy credits, they will be in your account till you use them.
No. Craftar has a visual programming language built in, that makes it very easy to create APIs and Automations without writing a single line of code.
Yes. When you build a logic in Craftar, you can publish it as an API with a single click. You can then call the API from any other tool. We are building plugins for NoCode tools to make it even easier.
Yes. Craftar is built on top of AWS and Google Cloud Infrastructure. Our architecture is built to auto scale as load on our services increases.
Yes. You can send us an email at with the subject line - Craftar Enterprise Plan and what you want to build. We offer consulting services, custom blocks and bulk credits purchased upfront at a huge discount for Enterprise customers.